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Brandye Luxenberg

Brandye Luxenberg

Brandye Luxenberg's Bio:

Brandye Luxenberg is a revolutionary life & business coach, public speaker, and award winning film maker & photographer.  She is an avid health and wellness educator; highlighting her battle with Lyme disease and search for a cure, which lead her to discover health and wellness from the inside out and study ancient modalities and modern applications to heal herself. Brandye received her certifications and high honors from apprenticing under Grand Masters and leaders in ancient forms of energy healing, and studies Behavioral Neuroscience at the Harvard Extension School. Brandye was the recipient of the 2007 Presidents Gold & Bronze Award for her leadership efforts post Hurricane Katrina with the government program, AmeriCorps NCCC, whose structure is based on the military and mission is,”to strengthen communities and develop leaders through team-based national and community service.” During her time of service, Brandye received awards for her heart based leadership and ability to vocalize and implement change while leading disaster relief operations and crews of volunteers. She was awarded for her time as a co-leader wild land firefighter, as well as a crew leader in rebuilding operations such as Habitat for Humanity and ULM Relief. Brandye has extensive background in Disaster Management leading teams for, The Salvation Army, Boys & Girls Club, Red Cross, Mississippi Animal Rescue. Brandye has a lifetime of experience implementing art therapy programs. She is currently Miss South Scottsdale United States 2014 & 15,  winning the Swimsuit and Miss Congeniality. As a film maker and director, Brandye has executed documentaries and positive children’s television content and her work is visible to over 3 million viewers nation and worldwide. She can be found on AZ 3TV bi-weekly on their, “Your Life A-Z” fashion segment and models runway sporadically. She loves to volunteer and believes in promoting positive role models for our future generations of children. Brandye loves photography, nature, martial arts and exploring; she is a passionate, inquisitive soul with an adventurous spirit and family heart.

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